A Journey with no end ∞
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You know when you have a tumble skill but you’re too afraid to chuck it so you ask someone to just stand there to reassure you?

Being attracted to you is exactly like that. I’m too afraid to act on my feelings so l need you to stand there. I need you to reassure me that someone like you can actually love someone like me.

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Silly Emily is the best!

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I don’t want to be your friend, I wanna kiss your neck
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You don’t have to be a modern-day Shakespeare, you don’t have to be anything you’re not. You don’t have to give me diamonds to impress me, just give me your heart.
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Emily Vancamp does ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Nominates Barry Sloane, Ted Sullivan and Gabriel Mann. 

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I dreamt about us, so there’d be an us somewhere.
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“All of a sudden two decades have passed and you still have not kissed anyone with tongue, or kissed anyone at all for that matter, or had a 3 AM conversation with someone who would rather look into your eyes for ten minutes straight than talk. You have never worn a lover’s sweater or…

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"I’m never truly happy. Some days I’m just a little less sad than others"
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